There are many places through the internet that are worth noting, these are just a few we have found helpful over the years, all relating to the Irish way of life in one way or another.


Guinness -

Boddington's - Boddington's

Bass Ale -


The Irish Times -

Irish Night Life -

Sporting Teams

Football Association of Ireland -

Glasgow Celtic FC -

Glasgow Rangers FC -

Business Associations

Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce -

Olde Worthington Business Association -

Visit Worthington -


Notre Dame Alumni Association -

Notre Dame Club of Columbus - http://
Ancient Order of Hibernians -

Ancient Order of Hibernians - Columbus -

Shamrock Club of Columbus -

Central Ohio Restaurant Association -

Ohio Restaurant Association -


Worthington Historical Society -

St. Charles Preparatory School -

Carroll, Ucker & Hemmer, LLC - Workers' Compensation Attorney


Irish Dance

The Regan Academy is teaching children of all ages the wonderful art of Irish dance in a fun, competitive environment led by certified world-class instructors.  Click on the logo below for their website.